Selected Artworks

Siren (Series), 2023

Siren 1, 2023

70 x 73 x 52 cm

Siren 2, 2023
70 x 43 x 44.5 cm

Dreamland Sirens, The Fitzrovia Chapel, London

In Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, the Greek hero Odysseus was marooned on the island of the witch Circe following the Trojan War. Circe warned Odysseus of the haunting song of the Sirens when he sailed home, telling him to bind himself to the mainmast of his ship so he wouldn’t be drawn off-course by their irresistible singing. “The siren is one of the psyche's deadliest anima aspects, luring the ego overboard, pulling consciousness off course, obliterating the memory and means of getting to where one needs to be” (Michael J. Padgett).

Spoken word poet Hollie McNicsh composed Dreamland for the exhibition