Selected Artworks

A Day At Home, 2013

Gazelli Art House

A Day At Home, Gazelli Art House, 2013 A Day at Home playfully explores the relationship between the imagined and the real within the context of the home. She loosely parallels the writer and the housewife as figures struggling to distinguish between the two. Their identities dissolving within the huis-clos of their setting and imaginings.

The black and white images, shot on medium format film and shown within the context of their original negative, are like surreal fragments of a dream or nightmare. Using long and double exposures as well as props and distorting mirrors, her camera becomes a portal into the mind of a fictional character.

“ Some photographers take pictures and others make them. Charlotte is most definitely in the second category, her pictures a gateway into her search for meaning and her very special way of seeing ”

- Dorothy Bohm

Photographer and co-founder Photographer’s Gallery in London.

​"With playful nods to Bourgeois’ “femme-maison”, the visuals of ruins and fairy tales, Colbert questions the daily insanity of being human, more specifically within the context of the home. Shot on location, in a derelict house in Bethnal Green, the ruins become a character in themselves, the murky mind-scape from which one cannot escape."